gittabag.JPGI’ve got a new favorite diaper/stroller bag. If you haven’t heard of Gitta Bags, you’ve got to get with it!
It’s rare to find a bag that is so practical and still fabulously funky. With so many cookie cutter/copycat designs out there, Gitta bags are refreshing. And they are more than up to the tough task of taking care of your kids stuff and cleaning up their messes.
I’ve been using the “108” printed edition. It’s a satiny blue fabric with a pillowy soft cloud of color on the front. It coordinates with all of my strollers, which certainly makes me smile every day. But it is the awesome functionality of the bag that makes it my on the go bag of choice right now. The fabric of the Gitta Bag has a unique satinlike finish. It’s slightly disco and very cool. Bonus points because it wipes clean in knowing wink.
When it comes to diaper bags you cannot have too many pouches, specialty compartments or accessories, can you? The Gitta 108 comes armed with a full contingent of storage solutions that make easy work of any incident on your outings. Here is a list of some of what this bag has going on under it’s cute exterior:
* bottle, accessory and spare clothing zippered pouches
* waterproof compartment
* thermal insulated side compartments
* diaper/wipes case holders
* zip out changing station with removable changing pad
* multiple pockets for stashing all the other important stuff you need
* comfy backpack/messenger straps
* stroller straps
* key clip
Everywhere I go with this bag I get comments about how cute and fun it is. The fact that it is extraordinarily fun-ctional too? Frosting!


  1. Cute and you are right Ciaran – fun-ctional!

  2. Joannah Tsay says

    Do you think that this bag can be easily used for a 3 month old infant(breastfed) and a 2 year old (not potty trained yet)?

  3. hi – where can we find them in Europe (outsid Israel) please ?

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