As a MWS reviewer, there may be no category I have become more knowledgeable in than baby feet and shoes. I’ve grown a passion. I made it my duty to learn everything and then teach everything about foot growth and development, while I find proper, stylish and comfortable shoes that “fit the bill.” Unfortunately, my toddler won’t be tiny forever. And, in time, has shown a need for soles. But what’s a baby-foot specialist to do?
Alas, I’ve come to learn, there’s a new horizon. Toddler, walking shoes. You see, as babies grow and begin to waddle, toddle and trip, their feet are still developing–slowly. Toddlers shouldn’t be expected to put on a pair of tennis shoes without the support, flexibility and form necessary. Thus, began my search for the ultimate toddling shoes.
And quickly halted. After trying a few pairs of “brand name”, big store shoes, and having trouble even getting them on his feet, I found a brand called See Kai Run. And just the name made me realize these shoes are mama’s tops. Only a parent could name her brand after watching her child run, or attempt to run, again and again and again. Which is what toddler moms love to do.
See Kai Run shoes are made for the developing foot. This company thought of it all:
-rubber, super-flexible sole. A great transition from the leather soft-soled shoes, the rubber soles allow protection and warmth from the outdoor elements, but are still flexible enough for the uncertain steps of a new walker.
-W-I-D-E with little to no arch. Babies are naturally flat footed. And, as time goes on, feet will (usually) grow an arch and possibly become more narrow. See Kai Run allows toddlers feet to do that naturally, his feet won’t feel scrunched in to a narrow shoe.
-easy on/off. Depending on the style, See Kai Run shoes will have either elastic lacing to allow for an even wider “step into” the shoe or no lacing, in the case of sandals. One of Wes’ first shoes had tennis-shoe lacing. This made it near impossible to get his wide foot all the way to the toes. With See Kai Run’s, I can ease the toe to the front of the foot by moving the sides out to allow for an easy entry. The shoes are all closed with a velcro strap.
-Padded and wide collars for comfort around the ankles. Toddler ankles tend to roll and wobble. Blisters are common with tough, hard edging on the collar. Not a problem on See Kai Run shoes.
-Soft, soft, soft leather that’s super flexible. (did I say that twice? hmmm… must be really flexible.)
-STYLE. Of course, all of this will only matter if the shoes are as cute as they are safe. And I wouldn’t dress my guy in shoes that weren’t eye-catching adorable. (Yes, Wesley’s feet are more stylish than my own. And probably much more comfortable, too.)
And with spring just around the corner, See Kai Run debuted their newest line this week. Dandelion Baby has all the styles and sizes (3-9) available. And just for all the little guys and girls who are about to take their first runs this spring, use code SKR to receive free shipping through the end of the month.


  1. NEVER BUY SEE KAI RUN !! They had a recall on the product and never had the decency to even respond to my request about a replacement.
    Sure they look ok, but quality is 3rd rate and dangerous for kids.

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