According to an American Academy of Pediatrics study, “sunglasses should be worn whenever a child may be in the sun long enough to get a sunburn or tan.” But, like gloves and hats, the number of sunglasses a child may go through in one summer can be astounding. Between losses and breaks, last summer we went through at least 5 pair–and that number seems pretty low.
In October, however, we found a solution. MyFirstShades has created sunglasses that use elastic to wrap around a child’s head. So sunglasses are no longer falling off or being tossed aside. Instead, they’re being worn. Allowing minimal peripheral light. Comfortably. We’ve all had glasses that are too tight around the temples or ears, the forgiving elastic that keeps the sunglasses on will form to your child’s head–so there’s no “too tight” pulls or strains. It also attaches with velcro, allowing for additonal tightness or looseness of the elastic.
So, now your child isn’t loosing her glasses, but you’re still worried about breaking them, right? MyFirstShades are rustproof and waterproof. They even surpassed standards in a drop-ball test when testing for impact resistance. And we tested it. We bumped them, pulled them, sat on them. And my kids are still wearing them.
MyFirstShades are available in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Select from sports themes to pretty flowers. Solids and patterns.
Available in sizes from infant to teen, dude, you gotta have shades. Use code MSTYLE5 at Alex & Me Company for 5% off your purchase and get Free shipping when you spend $100.

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