Following Julie’s post last week about her in-store deal finds at Ann Taylor Loft, I raced over in a frenzy. My postpartum body is still nowhere near fitting in my old clothes yet, and I needed something dressy for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners.
I found some great deals, but I ended up buying a dress for Christmas Eve that was not on sale. It was just so gorgeous in person, as well as forgiving to my baby belly so I figured that alone made it worth the cost for one night.
Of course, I went on the site this morning to find it over 40% off. Which is an awesome deal, and I don’t even feel that badly as it was such a flattering dress and perfect for an evening dinner.
Oooh, and as a bonus, I was able to nurse pretty easily in it given its cut. Check this out, and all the other great deals on the site right now.
And don’t forget the jewelry too. Santa brought me this necklace with matching earrings and I’m sure Santa paid full price too. (Which’ll irk Santa quite a bit if he actually reads this post today.)

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