I’m always looking for cute add-ons for birthday gifts and little extras for under the tree or the 7th night of Hanukkah. Here are 2 great, inexpensive games that kids get a kick out of:
Tastes Like Chicken is a crazy card game where players 6 and up are faced with mixed up animals. To win, they need to unmix the animals by matching cards (Pig-Shark will match to a Shark-Frog, for example). Get ready for giggles, which start as soon as they hear the title of the game!
When playing Go Ape!, you may be reminded of Go Fish! Except this time you’re not asking for a card, you’re making silly faces and acting, well, like an ape (or a monkey) to show which card you want. Because there’s no talking in Go Ape! Just act like the picture on the card. (For example, if you want a the card that shows a monkey standing on one foot, then you have to stand on one foot to get the card.) The winner collects the most cards by acting like the best monkey. A very energetic game for kids ages 4 and up.
By the way, these are super inexpensive games. So stock up and fill that gift closet, they make great add-ons for birthday presents, too.

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