Spring is in the air with many parties and picnics on our calendars and what we need are fresh, cute clothing that are a little bit dressy, a whole lot of fun.
Pippers America recently sent me samples of their clothing. They’re look is crisp, clean and all American. I love the little girl clothes–the tops and skirts are just adorable. And my 3 year old is so comfortable in his stripey shirt that he’s happy to wear it any time of year. Which is fine: its longsleeved and a lightweight cotton so will layer well under a jacket or sweater, and wearing on a windy beach day in the summer will work just as easily. The shorts we received didn’t do it as much for him. They have precious options of plaids, patterns and solids in a mix of styles like clamdiggers and cargos. Very cute, very appropriate for playtime and dress–just what you want for your preschooler or toddler for nice summer picnics where they’ll inevitably end up rolling down a grassy knoll. But they’re unlined and all of the seams used to mix and attach the fabrics left him uncomfortable (he’s one of those kids who insists every tag must be cut out.) If this doesn’t bug your little guy, then put together a sweet get-up for him–he’ll look fantastic.
In the meantime, my 3-year-old is happy to wear his Pippers Amercia Stripey Shirt again and again. And the little girl samples so sweetly await the possible arrival of a little girl this summer. (Incase you have forgotten, we decided not to find out the gender… I know its driving everyone else more crazy than me!)

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