I’m always looking for ways to green my kitchen and Full Circle Home has a number of useful, beautiful and eco-friendly products to help keep you kitchen clean and green this holiday season.

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner – at our house, the holiday means lots of entertaining which inevitably means lots of dirty glasses to wash. Over the years I’ve broken many a glass trying to shove my hand and sponge into them to scrub out the remnants of last nights wine tasting. But no more. With the Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner, my glass are clean – and in one piece. ($7.99)

Scoop Sponge – heard those statistics about the germs and bacteria that can be harbored in your kitchen sponge? One of the culprits is an always-wet sponge. Full Circle solves this problem with their all natural cellulose Scoop sponge. Notice the arch of the sponge? That helps the sponge to dry faster which means less of the gross stuff growing in your sponge. ($4.49 for 2)

Stick ‘Em Magnetic Kitchen Towel – My husband often justifies leaving the towel on the counter by complaining that it’s “too hard” to hang the towel over oven handle. Problem solved with the innovative Magnetic Kitchen Towel. A built-in magnet helps the towel hang on your fridge, stove or other metal surface. Goodbye wet towel on the counter. I’m stuffing this one in my husband’s stocking.($8.99)

Buy a bunch for an eco-kitchen gift pack or just a few to stuff into stockings. Visit www.fullcirclehome.com to see the entire collection and to purchase.


Note: Samples of these products were provided by Full Circle Home.


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    very intersting product for kitchen’s.
    can you send me pelase a linkw here can i get more product like thes for my my new kitchen?
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