Do you know what the temperature is in your infant’s room? Is it within the pediatrician recommended range?
I know what my thermostat is set to, but this does not always correspond to the actual temperatures in my son’s room, which is the farthest in the house from the heating/cooling unit.
The Grobag Egg has been so helpful because I now know at a glance, what the temp is in my son’s room. The egg changes color based on the temperature. Blue for too cold, Red for too hot and Yellow for just right.
Once I know the temperature I am able to adjust my son’s night-time clothing accordingly. And rather than put (not recommended for infants) blankets on him, I have been using a breathable cotton sleep sack from Grobag as well. We no longer worry about him waking in the night due to discomfort with the ambient room temps. I love that the Grobag Sleeping bag comes in a travel version that works in the carseat or infant swing as well as in the crib. It has a two sided zip with pass through. So even when my son (who has reflux) sleeps in his carseat, he is perfectly and safely dressed.
The Grobag sleeping bag comes in a bunch of cute prints and embellished solids.

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