Last year, we traded in my husband’s old Honda Pilot to our dealer as we were buying his new car. As our sales guy worked out the numbers for us, he told us to hang tight while “his guy” got him a price for the Honda. I figured they just had a set price of Kelly Blue Book or some dealer website that they would offer us. But no. He explained “his guy”” (I feel it needs the air quotes because he referred to this guy like he was some shady hustler in the back room) texts around to local dealers to see who may be in the market for our car and sees what price he can get.

I thought it was pretty cool and we walked away thinking we got a good deal. Since then, I’ve learned about local Philadelphia serviceGroovy Car and I actually wish we had been able to sell our old car here. Groovy Car takes the power out of your dealer’s hands and puts it in yours — by giving you a resource that will hit up *all* the local dealers in your area. It’s auction-style, so dealers can raise the price and compete with one another for your car.

Groovy Car reports their sales bring in an average of 20% more than trade-in value. Hot dang! I can’t imagine a better way to sell your car. Once you have a winner, you then connect with the dealer who wanted to purchase your car and make arrangements for the sale.

Groovy Car has a website and an app and the entire process takes less than 10 minutes. You can use your phone to take pictures of your car and get it listed.  All auctions run from 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday.

Currently, Groovy Car is only available in the Philadelphia area but if you aren’t in Philly, who knows, you may see them in your area soon! Download theGroovy Car app today.

Giveaway:  Groovy Car is sponsoring this post and throwing in a fun giveaway to celebrate their launch. You can win $100 Amazon gift card!

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  1. We got a fair deal for our last car we traded in. It pays to do some homework!

  2. Sara Zielinski says

    I haven’t had to buy a car in a long time but since my car has lasted me so long I feel like I got a fair deal when I bought it.

  3. Yes. We got ours below KBB.

  4. Melissa Greco says

    I haven’t had to buy a car yet!

  5. Yes, I do think I got a good deal or I would have spoken up.

  6. Not yet but we are curranty trying to sell or trade our old car. Hope we’ll get the best deal.

  7. Mary Cloud says

    We got a fair deal I guess but we had to take a lot of overhead so that hurt

  8. I probably could’ve gotten better, but there wen’t many options.

  9. I got a pretty good deal on our last car, not the best we’ve gotten but satisfactory.

  10. I think our last purchase was a good price, we did a lot of shopping around

  11. not yet

  12. Eh could’ve been better!!

  13. I shopped around a lot and am happy with my final choice and price.

  14. I don’t think, I got a good deal. I should have shopped around more.

  15. Yes, I think I got a pretty good deal.

  16. I think, we got a nice deal but still not great deal.

  17. I got an ok deal on the last car I traded in.

  18. I got a fair deal on my last car.

  19. kelly tupick says

    Yes, i just bought a car last year and i think i got a fair deal, no issues and still loving it.

  20. athena graeme says

    I have never bought a used car (my husband and I have always used public transit), but we got a Ford Fiesta 2 years ago when we got our daughter … this year we moved and didn’t take the car with us. We had an offer from the dealer, but decided to sell it ourselves. We ended up getting WAY more for it than we expected! I put out a high bid and boy was I surprised when it got snapped up with no haggling!

  21. Yes, we did!

  22. Jeremy Mclaughlin says

    Yes, I think I got a good deal.

  23. Daniella Bonagura says

    Unfortunately no. I had to sell my Jeep Liberty for 700. Has been overheating for a year. Replaced radiator 2 weeks ago and it burst.

  24. Monica McConnell says

    Honestly it could have been better. I told my husband to let me do the talking because he can get talked into extras and stuff like that so easily and of course he did lol.

  25. Cassandra D says

    Yes, I received a great deal.

  26. Yea I got a good deal I drove the car for 19 years it just recently quit. Was a good deal all the way around.

  27. Danielle h bell says

    Yes I got a good deal

  28. Kelsey Vinson says

    Yes! Just bought a new car friday.

  29. Tracie Cooper says

    yes we did!

  30. Clarissa Hiciano says

    Yes I believe I got a good deal.

  31. Yeah we got a fair amount for the last car we sold.

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