ruby In the past, when I received samples of hair bows and clips, I looked at them, admired and set them aside to try out on a neighbor’s daughter or a friend of one of my sons at school. Once I tried a clippy on my son’s hair and got terrible looks of “don’t you dare” by my husband. So, for a while, I stopped accepting hair clip samples, sending them on to other writers.

You can imagine my excitement today when samples from Ruby’s Closet arrived. I’d finally get to test out how well they stay in a little girl’s hair. How they hold up through wears. How long they stay in. Except she doesn’t have hair. Yet. I mean, she has a little. But no where near enough to wear an adorable little clip.

So, I was stuck, again, with no one to test out the adorable clips. But this time, rather than testing on a friend, I opted to test them myself. Because I really liked the way the flower clippy sample could snaz up my black and white outfit. That is, if it actually stayed in my frizzy, thick curls. So, I clipped it into my hair instead of my daughter’s. And its still in my hair 5 hours later, holding back my hair. And it looks good. Really good. So good I’m considering wearing one of my her new clippies to a breakfast meeting in the morning.

Ruby’s Closet Clippies are made to perfection. Really. I received 7 (plus one really cool headband* I’ll tell you about in a minute) and there are no loose strings or ribbons. No extra glue sticking out. And there’s a little extra foam inside which I’m guessing is what keeps the clippy in my hair so well. And, sure, all the clips are made for kids, but some are sophisticated enough to work in my hair. So, my baby will get her turn some day, but I’m totallly fine with borrowing until then.

*About that headband, its an elastic with a little loop that’s designed to hold a clip from Ruby’s Closet. No big deal, right? Except you can switch the clip for a different look each day. Which I think is really cool.

Use code mommystyle for 20% off your total shopping cart, including shipping. Once she’s old enough, I’m sure I’ll be filling my cart for more for the baby. In the meantime, I’ll be trying pretty hard not to buy more clippies for me to “borrow.”  For those of you with little girls, I’m thinking these are great stocking stuffers.

Clippies and Headbands were provided as samples from Ruby’s Closet for this review. Funny. 3 months ago I never would have written this much about hair clippies!


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