I’ve always thought my town to be pretty hip, pretty into the current ways of things. We pride the area on the fact that we really don’t ever have to drive more than 3 miles to do or get anything. But we don’t have a children’s hair salon. Its something we lack. Really lack. And right about now, I’m considering driving to Princeton to take my kids to Snip-Its, the new hair salon that makes kids hair cuts fun… seriously, something they’ll be asking for.
Just browsing their site makes me cringe. The place looks FUN! And I love their style-guide. I highly doubt the stylists at our local barber shop could figure most of those out. I’m telling you, nearly every kid in town has the same cut. I doubt that’s true in Chandler, Grand Rapids or Jacksonville (just 3 of nearly 60 lucky cities.)
And they have parties! We’re talking true salon birthday parties. Pamper your precious and all her friends with a Glamour Party, invite her to walk the Red Carpet at the Hollywood Party, or teach her the finer ways to style at a Style-A-Doll Party. (I wonder, if I lived closer, could Mom’s do this for a Moms Night Out?)
At least I … I mean the kids … can pretend to be at a party. Snip-its sells their kid-friendly styling products online. From Bananarama Tearless Shampoo and Body Wash to Tangle Tamer Detangling Spray, you can kid friendly product at Snip-Its. Our favorite is Morning Miracle Spray-On Mousse, which my 3 year old mistakingly thought was spray on shampoo. After spraying on enough to wash his hair, and attempting to scrounge his fingers through to wash, we learned why its perfect for the morning: it keeps hair how you style it. But a quick trip to the shower with Swimmer’s Solution Clarifying Shampoo (which washes out the yucky chlorine, and so much more) and the mousse was all out, hair squeaky clean. And the next morning when he had a bed-head? We knew which product to grab, a quick spray of the Spray-On Mousse was all we needed to get rid of my little Menace’s stick-ups.
Can’t make it to the party either? You can buy the products online. But if you do get to Snip-Its, please tell us about it. We want our kids haircuts to live vicariously through your’s.

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