handysitt1.jpgI have to hand it to the Danes. I’m not sure why Denmark seems to consistantly produce innovative furniture with unsurpassed practicality, quality, function and style. But here they go again. Only smaller – with a HandySitt booster seat. Frankly, it’s embaressing to the other booster seats out there, how HandySitt makes being a booster seat look so dang easy.
In fact booster seats are tricky business. They often slip and slide from side to side, have complicated mounting devices, work only in booths or on chairs and rarely are they comfy. Most of them only work with toddlers and older kids, and offer no restraints/safety belt. Even if you’ve found one that works in your home, it’s unlikely to be one you’d take with you on the road. In the past, I’ve never used boosters while out or travelling, due to my frustration with the plastic ones you get in restaurants . You know the ones I mean? And how they always flip and slip? Instead I have squeezed my children into too small (and often alarmingly unsanitary) highchairs until they were large enough to sit on their own at the table.
The Handysitt changes all that for us. With just two simple dials and a click, it adjusts to fit firmly and securely onto chairs with backs from 12 – 17 3/4 inches in height. The booster has a three point restraint belt and is approrpriate for kids from age 7 months to 4.5 yrs (as soon as kids can sit independently). It really only takes a minute to install. If you are dining in a restaurant with a booth,or on a beach blanket there is a standalone conversion kit that allows you to use the seat sans seatback attachment.
One of the nicest features of this seat is that when your kids sit in it, their little legs don’t dangle. They rest on the surface/chair that the Handysitt is attached to – a much more comfy and ergonomic solution for a child. Optional cushions provide added comfort.
handysitttravel.jpg But perhaps the coolest thing of all about the Handysitt is the fact that when you are through with it, and have wiped it clean (it is very easy to clean) it folds up totally flat, into it’s own custom travel bag. Thus it is incredibly portable and easy to stow in the trunk of your car. Which means that no matter where you go – from Grandma’s house, to the restaurant, to a picnic in the park, you do not ever have to worry about where the baby is going to sit at mealtime. It’s just incredibly convenient, useful and practical.
One more thing to note is the sturdiness of this product. In true Danish style the hardwood and steel used to produce the HandySitt chair are heirloom quality. There is nothing flimsy or plastic-y about this booster and you know if you have it with your first child, you are going to keep using it with the next two – or three – and then you will still likely be handing it down to a friend or relative.
Sycamore Kids is the US distributor of HandySitt. You can purchase this awesome booster seat on their website.

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