Growing up, I had one sister. My Dad was the lone dude in the house during my entire childhood – even the pets were girls until later in life. Today, I have the opposite going on in my house – a husband, two boys and even a boy cat surround me daily. And let me tell you, it can STINK! I’ve noticed it mostly with my boys as they get older – there’s just nothing fresh smelling about sweaty boys who are constantly on the move.

Which makes today’s post relevant, especially if you can relate to stinky boys: I’m bringing you some info on Hanes new FreshIQ product – a line of t-shirts, underwear and socks for guys that has advanced odor technology. We’re fans of Hanes in our house and always have been. It’s a classic product and everything they make is just soft and comfortable. So I can definitely get behind a product from Hanes that as a bonus, helps deal with odors.


The Men’s TAGLESS Undershirt is a favorite in our house and they now sell it with the FreshIQ technology so I’m definitely looking to hook my boys up with some of these (since one of them now wears adult sizes!) and we got a pack of these for my husband and he says they are just as comfortable as his regular Hanes tees, if not even softer.

They also have socks (I swear the socks are the worst for smell with my boys!) and underwear. The socks are great for a stocking present this year!


Visit theHanes new FreshIQ productpage if you want to find out more info or look for it in your local store!


Disclaimer: This has been a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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