So yesterday we took a family trip to a Phillies game. My boys hadn’t been before so we thought yesterday was as good of a day as any to head over. My sister-in-law had tickets too so the boys were thrilled to be able to hang out with their cousins.

(A little tip to go last minute with tickets if you can – we waited until the morning of the game to get tickets off – waaaaay cheaper than they were two weeks before when I had been looking at the seats we got were $20 cheaper per ticket according to the face value!)

But here was the shocker of the day – you can no longer tailgate! We had just arrived in the parking lot and were about to set up our fun Eagles/Phillies Cornhole boards (bean bag toss) when a policeman came over to tell us that we had to put both our chairs and our bean bags away. No tailgating. He was nice about it but told us we could only sit on the ground and have the kids sit on the back of the minivan. Apparently there are only two lots you can now tailgate for the Phillies but he informed us that they were NOT family friendly and that we should not head over there. Well that was that.

(According to that very nice uniformed man in blue, there has been no tailgating for four years now. And we at least didn’t feel too badly for not knowing because we were far from the only ones who attempted to tailgate yesterday…)

Here’s what the kids ended up doing while hubby and I sat on the ground drinking a beer or two:

They look a lot more bored then they actually were. It’s all about the photo snap, I guess! But they were eagerly awaiting their cousins arrival and the top of the minivan was apparently the place to be as a prime vantage point.

Clearly they perked up and were very excited for the game once said cousins had arrived:

And I don’t know why but I just love this shot of Cole watching the game:

Here I am with Boy #1!:

And after the game, it just wouldn’t be a sports game experience in Philadelphia without a little bit of traffic heading home:

Going to bed, I asked both boys what they thought of the game. They both said it was fun but that the Eagles games were better. “We get to play games outside in the parking lot before and the game is a lot more fun to watch.” Can’t really argue with that as I’ve always thought football was tons more exciting to watch than baseball but I will say that I thought the experience was still fun despite the tailgating snafu. We’ll definitely be taking the kids back to another game sometime soon.


  1. More great pics!

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