HannahM.jpgCouldn’t get tickets to her sold out tour? Well, now you can have her perform in your own home! The sold-out concert event has been captured live and in 3-D so you can feel like you were there! Your kids will love the behind the scenes footage and additional songs not seen in theaters. They can experience the ultimate personal tour that will let them feel like they are hanging out with Miley and the Jonas Brothers (a special performance is included). If your fan is anything like mine, this two-disc edition (2-D & 3-D versions) will have them dancing and singing the night away. Thanks to the four pairs of included 3-D glasses, my family has watched it so many times – I can’t even keep track at this point! Miley Cirus performs songs as herself and as her pop star alter ego, Hannah Montana, for the first time ever. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds 3-D Concert is packed with bonus features. Available for a limited time only, so purchase it today.

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