kidsatfilm.jpgThis winter break, my family had the pleasure of attending a Red Carpet Premiere and Afterparty for the film “Happily N’ever After”. It was a celeb studded event graciously hosted by the Hot Mom’s Club and Lionsgate entertainment.
In the days leading up to this event I was exceptionally busy. So I didn’t do my usual prep with my kids or stress out about what to wear. I chose to wing it instead. What the hey – I figured there were going to be lots of kids, people in jeans, no sweat right? Note to self and others: Anyone under the age of 12, and possibly spouses, should be thoroughly debriefed and prepped rigorously before attending a celeb event. Here are some of our gems.
Uttered loudly while walking down a paparazzi lined red carpet, surrounded by celebrities:
“Hey Mommy?! Where are the famous people?! Hey, is SHE a celebrity?”
Uttered in near silent theater just moments after the producers speeches: “But Mommy, is that really one of the guys who made this movie? Didn’t you tell Daddy that you read online that someone said it was really bad? I don’t think its bad, I think it looks GREAT!”. Important Note: My 6&10yo girls still thought the movie was great an hr and a half later.

kidsnlori.jpg And then there was me. Caught out in tinseltown in my $5 clearance Target tee, thinking noone could possibly trace the origin of that basic black tee. Except that the wife of the designer of said tee was in attendence. Hey there Lori Loughlin! Clearly I’m a huge fan of your hubby’s work! (I am actually. From the pre Target days even. My first diaper bag was a Mossimo bag.) I’m pretty sure Lori sussed me out when we asked her to take a pic with our girls. This, of course was the high point of their winter break, and possibly their year. Brangelina could have sprouted out of thin air to invite them quad racing and to a private FAO Schwartz shopping spree and they would have shoved them aside for standing in Lori’s light. Die-hard Full House fans (we have seen every episode and have most seasons on dvd) my daughters simply could not believe they had met the actress who played “Aunt Becky”. Lori, currently appearing in the brilliant new comedy “In case of Emergency” was very gracious and is truly a Hot Mom.
kidswithandy.jpgAll around me at the event and the afterparty, Hot Moms mingled with the cast and crew of the film. My kids were amazed to meet some of the “voices” behind the characters, I was happy to see several Alums from Friends and Seinfeld, and everyone was happy to see the lavish spread and activity room that included wand-making activities and a real fairy reading fairytales in front of a warm cozy fireplace. It was a pleasure to sit back and observe the designers, actors, and web-mistresses in attendence, having fun with their beautiful kids. Ultimately, kids are kids, and families, even celeb families, are like the rest of us. Lets just say, my 2yo was not the only one that had to be whisked out to the lobby five minutes into the film. Turns out that even the offspring of celebs get a little testy when hungry and thrilled when they see a pile of candy necklaces and goody bags. Speaking of which…
What celeb event would be complete without a lavish goody bag? Lucky attendees at the film premiere kidsswag.jpgwent home with an assortment of goodies including yummy berry scented hair and body products from Suave Kids, Hot “Snack Mom” tees from, Baby Legs legwarmers, Fairytale brownies, Francie Pants by Little Lubbaloo (my contribution), Binksters bottle buddies, colorful backpacks by Kids Travel Packs, glass bracelets from webstore Bella and Blue, Nursery Rhyme book and Tee giftset from, burp clothes by Jannuzzi Clothing, clothes and artwork from Alexander Marten, bracelets from Glitzy Baby, and gift certificates from several hot LA gyms, playplaces and spas. My favorite goodie was the fuschia logo scarf from the Hot Mom’s Club though. Just the right weight for a chilly day in LA and a perfect way to flaunt that Hot Mom fashion.
If you’d like a chance to win the very same goody bag that the stars got – check in at the Hot Moms Club Site for their upcoming contest. And in the meantime – tell the world that you are a hot mom too! Order from the great selection at the Hot Moms Club Store. Enter code 0f0d5e8737 at checkout to save 50% AND get free shipping! Now that’s a Hot Mom deal!
I’m a new fan of the Hot Moms’s Club and was honored to be their guest at this event!


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