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Happy New Year everyone! I took the last week or so off from blogging to just enjoy some family downtime and it’s been blissful. We went down to North Carolina to visit my parents and ended up enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and spent several days on the beach! Heaven. Just enough sunshine to hopefully get me through the next couple of months and the wintertime up here in Philly.

I heard a not-so-shocking fact on the radio today: 80% of people who make New Years resolutions have abandoned them by the secondweek of January. Isn’t that crazy? It truly proves the point that it has to be a lifestyle choice rather than a big change/resolution.

That said, here’s a couple of links and thoughts to help with the common New Years Resolutions. I’m not making any grand ones this year for that reason abovebut I’m looking for a reset starting today. I’ve slacked a bit on healthy eating over the last few weeks and want to get back to eating right and continuing to exercise. I’m actually starting with a personal trainer on Monday to try and change up my workout and see what ways I could improve it.

I’ll jump back on as I haven’t been logging on as much. I think everyone needs a little somewhere/someplace to be held accountable for doing the right things. I know my husband jumped on the FitBit bandwagon in 2015 and he has been religious with it. He’s obsessed with getting 10,000 steps every day and I notice having that goal makes him get out more than he usually would. (extra bonus – he takes the dog for more walks to get them in!)

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Agreat way to get started with a diet or eating right is by doing a juice cleanse. I’ve always been a big fan of doing one for just a day or two to detox and jumpstart your body’s healthier eating style. Groupon has a lot of deals on juice cleanses right now – I highly recommend doing one that is raw and cold pressed.

My personal favorite is Blueprint Cleanse – you can buy them in store at your local Whole Foods and Wegmans if you have one of those! Otherwise they are delivered overnight from NYC. I like them on Faccebook and caught this coupon/special yesterday: To help you get an early start on a year of treating yourself right, we’re offering you 30% off the 3-day cleanse of your choice between now and January 8th. Use NEWYEARSPECIAL at checkout onblueprint.comto redeem.

Lastly, if you are thinking organization is your resolution this year – I highly recommend reading the life-changing magic of tidying up. It will literally change your life.

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