Beware. This message contains a whole bunch of TMI. You’re about to know me really, really well.
You see, In the months since I’ve stopped breastfeeding, my breasts have, nearly, disappeared. I’ve noticed, too, that they sag. In fact, we’ve taken to calling them “saggy baggies.” Let’s just agree that the image you now have in you’re head isn’t too attractive, yes?
Shopping’s become harder. Much harder. Saggy baggies just don’t look cute and perky in a sundress. I certainly don’t want a bra strap flashing out. Not to mention the lowcut dresses that are SO this season aren’t exactly conducive to triple-padded bras. (I’m so beyond a Miracle Bra over here!) I’ve even noticed, excuse me while I wipe a tear away, that shirts with built-in bras are too big for mama’s bags. Maybe a tiny bit of exaggeration here, but they encase me and I look like tweeny-bopper.
Yes, I’m lost. I can’t fit in clothing without pads, and with pads, the bra is sticking out all over the place. Short of implants, I need a solution. And my husband isn’t too keen on the “get pregnant again” solution right now.
I’ve since chosen to wear “outplants.” And some outplants work well, provided you’re wearing a full-coverage bra. But, what about the times when you’re wearing a strapless? Or a shelf-bra? Or a low-cute anything that could definitely use a push, but you can’t bare the straps? There is a solution.
PKFashions has cups that stick to the clothing. You can stick them in a regular bra, a shelf-bra, even in a dress. The adhesive is strong enough to last all night (and look natural and real–no wrinkling, which I was concerned about.) The pads aren’t disposibles; you can wash and wear again, the adhesives will last about 100 wears.
Last week, I wore my Fashion StickCups several nights in a row. Each night (we were on a “vacation” with parties each evening), a different outfit fit the outplants. One night I wore them with a cami with a shelf bra, another with a strapless dress. And each time, I felt confident that I wasn’t sagging, the baggies were contained, and the padding certainly added a little “umph” to the look. A tiny bit of curve is always nice.
Recommended for backless or strapless, formalwear, even exercise, the Fashion StickCups come large and they encourage you to cut them to your size (yes, something I had to do.) They’re extremely light weight and, once cut to size, very comfortable. They stayed put all night (so much better than adjusting and pulling back into place). They’re recommended to be worn with a shelf bra or lining. They won’t work just stuck to a t-shirt… you’ll still need the elastic from a bra for that!
Simple to care for and wear again, just wash in warm water and mild soap, and allow to dry. Then store in the original packaging to ensure the adhesive will last.
Order from PKFashions and save 10% with coupon code Mommies through May 31.
Saggy Baggies, no more! Thanks to PKFashions and their Fashion StickCups, I’ll be feeling a bit more shapely when wearing my cute dresses this summer.


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  3. I prefer “saggy baggies”. Since my wife stopped breast feeding our third and final child, I can’t get enough of her breasts. Everyone has their own thing, but I have found that plenty of men love saggy breasts. You should embrace them and your husband should too.

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