I received a reminder email that the new Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is coming out in less than two weeks. I must be really out of the loop this time because I had almost forgotten. (My husband is sitting here saying to me, “and HOW have you missed the hype?”)
For those of you who are fans (or have kids who are), Amazon is guaranteeing it the day of release this time around. (I remember for the last one, I went to my local store because I didn’t even want to wait a day)
But according to Amazon, it’s promised to arrive in your mailbox the day it releases, July 21, 2007. It’s currently $17.99 with free shipping (when you purchase $25 worth of eligible product) and they also guarantee the lowest price. (In other words, if the price goes lower after you purchase, you get a refund)

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