Sometimes there’s just that person on your list who has everyone. In fact, maybe it’s my “I have too much cr&p in my house” attitude but lately I’m all about giving gifts that are either gift cards or something that isn’t going to take up a significant amount of space. Or something that anyone can enjoy that’s disposable – like FOOD!

Most people aren’t going to turn down a cookie or a brownie. Which is why, for that person on your list who you just aren’t sure what to buy for, Harvard Sweet Boutique is perfect.

Harvard Sweet Boutique sells brownies, cookies and other tasty baked goodies and they ship anywhere in the US for a $5 flat shipping fee. The boxes themselves are works of art and really fun to receive and the goodies inside – yum!

This was the box I received.  How cute is just the box alone?  I saved it!   It also came with a cute orange bow on top of it but my kids swiped the box and proceeded to open it up like ravenous rabid monkeys before I could be a blogger and snap a photo of it with the bow:


And here’s what was inside.  Cookies and brownies of all different flavors – all individually wrapped and delicious.


Anyway, they have tons of options for different price points and food needs. For example, love this Gluten-Free Sea Salt Caramel Brownies set – $25 for a total of $30 with shipping. A nice little gift for anyone at a reasonable price and gluten-free!  Or, OMG, How about Chocolate-Glazed Macadamia Caramel Shortbread Bars for $20? (Yum?!)

Visit Harvard Sweet Boutique to check out their full selection of baked goods.



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