The cutest little girls deserve the cutest little girl accessories.  That’s why I am loving the handmade hats at HeartSmiles.  Whether for photo props or just to keep your little one’s head toasty, these hats are just adorable.  Each design has special little detailing like layered flowers, vintage lace, glass pearls, or ear flaps.  They’re designed to “give your heart smiles!”

Sizes start at newborn and go up to pre-teen, but you can also special order adult sizes (they’re so beautiful you just may want one for yourself!). I’m planning to order a few for birthday gifts, though they’d also make great Christmas presents.   They even offer some cute boy styles so that no one is left out.  The hats are very reasonabley priced, starting at $20.00.  Plus, mention Mommies with Style when you order to receive 20% off!

HeartSmiles is giving away a hat to one lucky Mommies with Style reader.  Simply leave a comment about what makes your heart smile.  A winner will be selected at random at the end of the month.

HeartSmiles provided a sample for review on Mommies with Style.


  1. Adorable hats!!! I will definitely be ordering a few!! My daughter makes my heart smile. She is almost 21 months old and is beating the odds the doctor’s have given her. She has a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (type 1) and the doctor’s have given her a life expectancy of 2 year of age. She is such a fighter and such a happy child. I love her so much!

  2. My daughter definetely makes my heart smile. I love those hats, they are soooo cute!

  3. Adorable hat!!! If I should win though, please send it along for Jennifer G’s daughter. My prayers are with her.

  4. Shannon Baas says

    my kids

  5. my daughter and upcoming baby make my heart smile! These are beautiful

  6. i realy do love them hats i think there all so cute add me in thanks

  7. My kids and my pets make my heart smile!

  8. My little girl’s laugh makes my heart smile 🙂

  9. Hats off to Hats Off! I would love to put a Hats Off hat on my 7 year old girl or 2 year old boy! So Cute! My daughters singing voice makes my heart smile, my son, his laughter is contagious and makes my heart smile.

  10. Coming home to my boys makes my heart smile.

  11. My nephews!!! But this would make a great baby gift for a friend of ours.

  12. Paula Hafner says

    My kids make my heart smile. I love to hear them laugh and to see them smile. My son has a very infectious laugh that you can’t help but to start laughing, too.

  13. Melissa B. says

    Seeing my kids happy and healthy makes my heart smile.

  14. My kids

  15. My two granddaughters, ages 31/2 and 71/2 make my heart smile, and to top it off…we just found out that the little one that my son & his wife are expecting (their first) early next year is also a girl! We’re thrilled to have 3 special girls!

  16. My youngest daughter makes my heart smile every time she belly laughs.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  17. My heart smiles watching my daughters love with her little brother, and the big smile he gives her when she plays with him.

  18. My family makes my heart smile

  19. My family and friends makes my heart smile.

  20. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    my daughter learning to talk.

  21. Whenever my baby girl kicks inside me, it makes me smile. Reminds me that she’s here with me.

  22. My daughter always makes me smile. Today it was her rendition of the ABCs. She’s just learning and end with “now know ABCs, next time ME!”

  23. Randy Bailey says

    My grandkids are what makes my heart smile

  24. kathy pease says

    my kids when they all get along 🙂

  25. having a great day with my family.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  26. Heather Haddox says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one of these beautiful beanies! My daughter is 5 months old now and has outgrown all of her newborn beanies! I have NONE right now and winter has just hit here where we live. I have always wanted a beautiful knit beanie/hat for her and this is just too perfect! I love their shop, I can’t get over how beautiful all the items are.

    Well, of course my daughter makes my heart smile!! Its hard being a stay at home mom and I work harder at home with her then I EVER did at my regular job, but she makes it all worth it especially when she smiles and laughs. We laugh so hard together that she makes me cry, I laugh so hard. Her giggle is infectious and will make a whole room of people smile. She makes my day…every day and she has brought me true joy.

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