Moboleez_kitty I thought I had seen it all when it came to nursing cover ups. Basically I thought there were only three varieties: the apron, the blanket/shawl and the poncho. But I was wrong! Because a very, very clever mom has come up with a whole new way to cover up when nursing your baby in public. You might even say that she came up with it right off the top of her head … the MoBoleez is brilliant!

All kidding aside, when I saw this product I had to crack a great big giant grin. I never would have thought of using a wide brimmed hat to cover my breast while nursing but it makes perfect sense. And it works just perfectly. The reason it works so well is the careful way the hat is crafted. The super soft knit cotton brim is just wide enough, just stable enough and weighted just right to drape perfectly around your exposed breast. Even over my generously sized DD’s. The baby’s head is loosely covered and the brim sits away from his face so there is plenty of room to breathe. The logo on the outside is cute and simple and the message on the inside of the brim "hi mummy" is a sweet little for-your-eyes-only reminder that your baby loves you for taking such good care of him.

I love using this hat so much more than any of the blanket/poncho/apron style cover ups. It only covers the area that needs covering, and thus your baby is not smothered, you are not likely to overheat and you don’t feel awkwardly draped. I never really got the hang of nursing with other cover ups and as a result, have inadvertently exposed myself more times then I could count, whilst breastfeeding over the years. Too bad for any curious lookie-loos who missed out on that sight! Much to the relief of my oldest daughter, and all thanks to MoBoleez, those days are over.

Note, I tested this product out while going over a quote for home improvements with my macho-dude, single and childless general contractor, a guy who really would rather not watch me breastfeed. This was a serious test! And no worries for any of us. I’ve now got a Moboleez hat tucked into my diaper bag and it is on my short list of fabulous shower presents.

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