Last week, I went to a LuLaRue party with my friend Zareen. I had never really heard of the company or the clothes but Zareen had me when she described it as a clothing company that makes “comfy leggings.”

I tagged along to an open house at one of her friend’s houses. LuLaRoe is a pretty new company (2013) and their schtick is comfortable clothing. Leggings, over-sized tunics, dresses, stretchy skirts. They are a direct sales company like a Stella & Dot, so you aren’t buying online but shopping at a friend’s house with a fashion consultant.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 7.14.41 PM

First impressions:
Crazy prints
. Fun! The leggings were super fun and while I want to be that person who can get some fun bright printed pattern, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sizing for leggings come in 2 options – 0-10 or 12-24 (tall).

Super comfortable. I would be just as happy to wear this clothing at home lounging around all day as I would going out.

Affordable. Tops were $30-35 and the leggings were around $20 each.

I ended up with two tops (the Irma Tunic) and a pair of leggings. The sizing is different for a lot of the items – for the Irma Tunic, everything ran big so I ended up with a much smaller size than I would normally wear. (Vanity sizing always makes a girl feel good!)


Not pictured is the otherIrma Tunic I purchased, it’s a cute top I can wear with my black NILS Lindsay leggings that I am obsessed with wearing regularly.

But check outLuLaRueonline. You can apparently buy online, although every time I try and click through it says their sales website is down.


  1. Michelle Simmons says

    Looking to sign up

  2. Maggie hester says

    Small startup that is currently in a process of growing. Sure she didn’t think it wud do so well. Congratulations!

  3. Really like the scarf with your red leggings .. You look very nice ! Where can I find the scarf ?
    Thanks !!! Sandy

  4. Mary Kay Dunaway says

    I would love to sign up to be a distributor. Please send information

  5. Amanda Johnson says

    Need info about signing up

  6. I am very interested in this. I would like to see more of options and how this company works.
    I am getting my business going. I make unique bracelets, hair ties and stationary all made here in my home. Also vintage home accessories. Maybe I could add a couple of your/her pieces in with my collection. Just a thought, tomorrow evening I should have is a facebook page, Life. Love. NO Regrets..

  7. Looking for leggings in plus size

  8. Beth Saranko says

    Do you have a site to purchase gift cards? My daughter loves the leggings and I wanted to get her a gift card for Christmas.

  9. Kathi Nevils says

    Does it have to be a party or can u open a store?

    • Cheryl Cochran says

      Some consultants actually have facebook pages and do live sales and they ship. They invoice you. You do have to purchase a certain amount of inventory at start and I believe monthly. Just google LuLaRoe and find their site and it will explain it all to you.

  10. I fell in love with these clothes and bought four skirts on eBay. Then I found out that the reason so many are being sold on eBay is that LulaRue really sticks distributors with the inventory. The terms have worked for some people, but others have left in devastating debt, or tried to sue. Do look into it thoroughly before starting. There are articles about the lawsuits.

    While talking to a friend who had a bad experience and got out, I asked her what was a good way to support the people who got stuck, without supporting the people high in the organization who carried out an exploitative business model. She said buying on eBay–that’s where people stuck with a lot of inventory would be found. So I will keep doing that.

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