shfarmyard These toys are just adorable and such an easy toy to teach babies to play. I love tossing the Farmyard balls into the air and rolling them around baby A. With a few different textures and each animal making a different sound, its a great baby toy.  We also have the Animal Chime Ball (we have the pig) which my 4-year-old enacts as the Mommy ball to all the baby balls (there are 3 big balls available, to match each of the small Farmyard balls.) Another Skip*Hop toy we’re enjoying is the Funny Face Mirror. The squeak grabs her attention every time and then she loves smiling at herself in the mirror.

shsplash Also from Skip*Hop, I’m so glad I now have the Splash Drying Rack. I pumped the first few weeks and there were bottles and pumping pieces drying all over the kitchen. I couldn’t stand the mess. I was sent the drying rack, set it up (takes about 2 seconds) and was relieved by the order it brought to my kitchen. And added bonus–it has a bottle brush creatively centered into the rack so even that has a place and isn’t littered in the kitchen with no where to go.

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