Day three of our family road trip and we’re in the car from southern North Carolina and heading to Williamsburg, Virginia. GPS puts today’s trip at a little over 4 hours.

Hubby’s cruising to some music, the kids are watching a movie and I’m playing on the iTunes App Store looking for entertainment.

I found this free App from L’oreal called Makeup Genius and am having too much fun. Using their app and your phone, you can try on various L’Oreal products. It’s kind of awesome and I’m amazed at how well it’s able to sense your face shape and put the makeup in the right spot.

Check it out! Here’s my before and after picture after I messed around with it a little:

BEFORE (how I look in reality right now- makeup less!)




Fun, right? I put on eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and lip liner. Other than the fact that I look a little clowny with the lipstick, I actually love the idea of trying makeup on virtually before I buy!

Try out the Makeup Genius App and let me know what you think!


  1. Nancy A. says

    HA! They are a bit heavy-handed with the eyes and lips. I looked pretty clownish. I wish there was a foundation option. My girls will get a kick out of playing with it.

    • Yah, I made a funny clown one too and not intentionally lol. Although I seriously do like the lipstick I have in that image and may get it!

      Agree on the foundation though – and the mascara! I thought it was weird they didn’t have that either but I’m guessing it’ll come?

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