I wear my shades nearly 24/7. They’re my most-used accessory, and then some. If they aren’t on my eyes (years ago I had eye surgery, so shades are more than a for-fun accessory), then they’re on my head, as a headband. In fact, if shades don’t hold my hair back, then they fail my wearability test.
But enough about me. Perhaps its the influence of doing what Mommy does. But ever since my 4-year-old picked up his newest pair of My First Shades (in a bigger size! and a fantasticly easy-to-manipulate carrying case, they’ve been on his head. He really does “wear [his] sungalsses at night.”
My First Shades have been a fantastic addition to our summer necessities. Due to my sensitive eyes, sun protection is important to me and apparently to my 2 year old who yells “the sun is too hot!” whenever its too bright in his eyes. He was in major need of a sungalsses–but sunglasses that were comfortable and stayed on his head were major factors. Then, when he fell and needed stitches on his eyelid, we realized that only My First Shades, with their 100% UV Protection and snug fit over the eyes were going to work to protect not only his eye, but his scar (poor thing).
Then there’s the 4 year old, the one who truly wears them at night. For him, its an accessory. Sure, they work on his eyes, but how cool is he to wear his shades wrapped around the head day in and out? Bring back the sweatband style of the 70s, baby, because Carson is SO already there with his shades. (Which apparently, make his room even darker at night, when they are actually on his eyes.)
My First Shades are available in 3 sizes for children–infant (0-36 months) and child (3-7 years) and Tween (ages 12+). They’re adjustable with velcro on the elastic wrap, so they’ll fit nicely for several years. You can select cute and colorful fabric elastics, or your (child’s) favorite team as well as a few different styles. Use coupon code style for 10% off through August 31, 2008.

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