verabradleybackpack My family went to Orlando over Spring Break this past March.  Right before leaving for our trip, I posed the question on the Mommies with Style Facebook page:  What bag to do you use in an amusement park/Disney for the day?

The responses were really varied.  Some use regular kids backpacks, others just use their purses.  One Mom, long past the point of diapers, still uses her Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack from way back in the day.  (Love!)  And while those backpacks are cute, I didn’t want to spend $179 for a backpack I’d only be using at the parks. (Definitely a good call if you have a baby and will use this other times too!)

In March, I decided to use a Thirty-One Gifts Cinch Sac ($30) that’s kind of a casual/all purpose bag for light trips.  It’s super cute and the size was right but for the amount of stuff I tote around for a full day excursion, it got HEAVY with the thin rope straps.  They were hurting my shoulders by the end of each day so I realized that was also not the bag for me next time around.

Now, we’re headed back to Disney in a week (so excited!!) and this Vera Bradley Backpack (Normally $89, but $67.99 on that I ordered just arrived in the mail.  Cute, right?

Here’s the sizing of it so you can get some perspective (I just love how they have it on the back of some unsuspecting dude’s image):

I think it’s perfect in every way – the price, the size and the pattern.  Cute but functional and I’m excited to test it out walking around Disney all day.  What do you think?  And what do you use for long day trips with your kids?


  1. I won a Vera a while back and have been hooked on them ever since! I scored a backpack at a consignment shop. It will be a gift for my niece who is graduating soon.

    • That’s such a nice gift! Great score! I’m excited to use it – I haven’t done the backpack before but it’s so handy too!

  2. Good idea. I like that the bright colors make it easy for your kids to spot you too. Have a good time at Disney!

  3. Love it! We went to Disney for the first time last year and I brought a large zippered tote bag. This is much cuter! 😉 Love Petunia Pickle Bottom, too. I have one of their wallets in a fun, funky orange pattern and get tons of compliments on it.

  4. I love EVERYTHING fom Vera Bradley!!!

  5. Just checked out the link you gave for the Vera Bradley backpack (on 6pm) and what a nice collection. I love the patterns!

  6. I also got a vera bradley backpack for our fall trip to disney. I got it in doodle daisy t green and blue print but just as i thought i was all set i found out disney is teaming up with vera bradley and is coming out with disney patterns!!!! I really hope they have a backpack. Online it says they come out fall 2013 so i am keeping my eyes open! We go in november 🙂

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