While wonderful in so many ways, it can be tougher than ever to stay on track with a diet and healthy food eating regime when it’s the holiday season.

Whether you start now or after the holidays, treating yourself to a meal with Healthy Choice.  I actually relied on meals like those from Healthy Choice (their Steaming Entrees are awesome!) this past summer when I went on a diet and lost 12 pounds.

It’s so nice to have a meal that you can grab on-the-go. It really helped me to count calories and curb myself in terms of portion control.  And they’re delicious too!

Be sure to visit the Healthy Choice Special Offers page too to print out a coupon for $1 off their frozen meals and $.50 off ice cream.  It’s never to early to start!  While I haven’t been dieting during the season, I’m trying hard to at least maintain my weight throughout the holidays and I’ve definitely been relying on easy and delicious meals like the ones Healthy Choice makes.

Disclaimer:  Healthy Choice is a sponsor of the Gift Guide Girls, a website which I’m a partner in.

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