It’s important to me to pack healthy lunches for my children.  (Isn’t it for any Mom?)  I make a little game of it with myself each day.  I pack nine lunches every week and my challenge is to make them healthy and have a good variety.  My kids love variety.

I’m lucky that my kids will each a variety of foods.  Here are a few we recently tried that they love and are now staples on their lunch and snack menus:
Tribe Hummus. Been buying Tribe for hubby for years but Cole (4) has recently decided that he likes hummus too!

Stretch Island Fruit Co. This one’s again for Cole but he just adores these all natural fruit strips and fruit rolls

Mott’s Snack N Go both of my boys love Mott’s new Snack N Go, which makes applesauce easy to eat without a spoon (and mess-free!)

Dr Sears (yup, that same Dr Sears!) has a line of healthy snacks for kids including PopUmz which sort of taste like a cross between a rice cake and chip (only healthier than the latter!)

What about you guys?  What healthy and new lunchbox items have you been giving your kids?


  1. I could live on red pepper hummus. I recently started buying Wegs brand and YUM. My whole kitchen smells good when I open the tub.

  2. Loved seeing the fruit strips on here! Those are a staple in our pantry and even use them as a healthy dessert some times.

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