I’m so the faux! Went to the grocery store today and ran into several friends. And everyone exclaimed “wow! Look at your bags!” and “aren’t you you the chic green shopper?” (seriously, one said that!) Of course, I laughed. Sure, I looked chic. Only because my outside reusable grocery bag, a bag from Chic Green Bags, was holding all my regular grocery bags… the ones with the store logos all over them.
Chic Green Bags, besides being chic (check out their over 20 fabric choices) are lined in a water resistant, wipable fabric and are fully machine washable. They’re also durable with heavy duty straps, large enough for slinging over your shoulder. And while they’re large enough for groceries, they also work well, and look chic enough, to bring to the mall so that you aren’t using a plastic or paper bag there either.
Yes, of course I planned it. I mean, would you really hide a beautiful bag inside a $.99 one?

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