fcm For him: My husband tells me a good pen not only looks the part, but feels the part. And he’ll look like a stud in the boardroom wtih a Faber-Castell Mondoro Pen. With a barrel made of polished precious resin and the cap and ends created of polished and chrome-plated metal, this masculine pen is a gift to write home about (and he will. With a pen.)

For the techie: The ridiculous amount of wires gathering around our charging station was overwhelming my kitchen, so it was a huge relief to get to test the Powermat, a mat that allows many electronics to charge wirelessly. The pad comes with attachements for cell phones (check yours on the list before buying), ipods, Nintendo DS’ and more. But if you want to lay your electronic device flat on the pad, you’ll need to buy additional attachments that will allow them to charge without a wire. Its a bit of an investment, but so worth it if the wires are making you batty. And for the traveling techie, Powermat released a travel item that folds up and takes up much less space. (By-the-way, you’ll still need to plug the mats in to an outlet.) makeover

For your tween: If she has a DS, then run, run, run to the store and grab her one of the Style Lab games by Ubisoft. It is just so fun to apply and reapply make up with Makeover and to create jewelry in their Jewelry Design game. If she’d prefer a game a little less Diva, try out Ubisoft’s Imagine series which includes games like Zookeeper and Soccer Captain.

wiggly For your 5ish-year-old: While my 6-year-old still hasn’t lost a tooth, he’ll be prepared to lose one because he’s getting a pillow from The Wiggly Tooth Factory. Its an adorable mini-pillow-sized tooth with a pocket, available in fun fabrics with a so cute face. Someday (and likely, his dentist predicts, close to his 7th birthday) he’ll hide his tooth in the pocket to be replaced by a magical toothfairy (who already has a stack of golden dollars, hidden away.) Anyway, I know its a little close to Valentine’s Day, but this one is so cute that I had to mention it. So order now. Because even if you don’t gift on Valentine’s Day, you just never know when you’re going to need a Tooth Fairy Pillow, and you don’t want to be without!

shoppere2-red-open For your Mother-in-Law: We gave my MIL a Reisenthel Shopper e2 bag for Christmas this year (and kept another for us.) She just melted over this bag. Its perfect for the weekend traveler, the shopper and, well, the bag lady. This bag expands, bottoms up, allowing for you to fill your bag more than you planned. Which you know your Mother-in-Law is likely to do.

yubo For your Preschooler: My 4-year-old grabbed the Yubo lunchbox as soon as he saw it. He loves pretend-play and the box looks like a little piece of fancy luggage. So when he opened it and realized he could fit a sandwich and two snacks inside, he was in heaven. (It comes with containers). Plus, it comes with a freezer pack made to fit inside perfectly. All the pieces fit perfectly inside and the lid slides right on. The bonus feature: you can change the look with interchangable faceplates.

cal-baby For baby: California Baby’s I Love You! Collection offers massage oil, spritzer and bubble bath made with all-natural, organic aromatherapeutic products specially blended to encourage relaxation and relieve tension. Baby will love the attention. And afterhours you and hubby may want to borrow it.

 We wish you all special time with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to California Baby, Yubo, Reisenthel, Wiggly Tooth Factory, Ubisoft, Faber-Castell, Powermat and their agents for providing samples for Mommies with Style.

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