hf1 Hi, Kate here. For the last two years I’ve been involved with an orphanage in Haiti called the Hands & Feet Children’s Village. Two years ago, the orphanage was ravaged by 4 successive hurricanes that hit Haiti which flooded their buildings and buried their property in 5 feet of rock and debris from flood waters. Fortunately no lives were lost at the orphanage. They were able to clean up, rebuild and construct a retaining wall around the property to prevent future flood damage.

But now the earthquake.

Again, amazingly, all the orphans were safe and their buildings stayed standing, but the town of Jacmel where they are located was decimated. There is extensive loss of life and destruction in the town. Although the orphanage has enough supplies to last for 3-4 weeks, they are being inundated with newly orphaned children and the remainder of the town which is without food, water and medical services. The roads leading to the town have been badly destroyed and no aid has been able to reach Jacmel yet. There is no heavy machinery to be able to clean up debris and the hospital in Jacmel collapsed in the earthquake.

There are many organizations doing good work for Haiti right now, but if you have not yet gotten involved, please consider donating to the Hands & Feet Project which is actively serving and caring for 73 children ranging from 2 months to 9 years old. Various involved parties are in the process of trying to secure supplies and the transportation means necessary to get the supplies into Jacmel. They can use your thoughts, prayers and donations. Visit them at www.hafproject.org.

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  1. I heard about this orphanage on a Christian radio station on
    Wednesday morning and have been praying for all the workers, children and the nation of Haiti ever since. My heart breaks for the devastation. I am a singled mom of two small boys and we made a donation to the red cross and will do something even if only a small gift to this orphanage. Haiti we want you to know us Americans feel your pain, now feel our prayers.

  2. Hello..My thoughts and prayers are so with you right now..I never knew there were nine million folks living on Haiti..I found you on KLOVE Radio..read Mark’s blog and started following your awesome mission and love and willingness to use your hands and feet to help..It took a major act of God to get my attention..I feel rather ashamed right now..this country has needed my prayers and help for a very long time..I would like to make a video giving recognition to your orphanage and the children..I can see clearly you are making a huge difference in these childrens lives..I am not rich..but, the Lord is rich in my heart..please let me know if I can help somehow..and, I am spreading the word..God Bless you all..as we pray Psalm 91..knowing God’s mighty wings of protection are all around you..Praying for you and yours..and, the people and workers in Haiti..God Bless You…Sherry Walling ((huGs))

  3. My physician colleague and a team of physicians left for Jacmel yesterday afternoon(Wed) with medical supplies. Hopefully this will provide some relief for the people of Jacmel.

  4. Becky Defeo says

    Hi, I’ve been to Jacmel several times. I have been there with a group from Ocean Drive Presbyterian church from N.Myrtle Beach, SC. What side of town are you in? We would only leave the hotel that we were staying in to look around at Art in town. I don’t even know if the motel where we stayed is still standing, but would like to know. Could you tell me how many there are there so that I might be able to narrow it down and see if that one is still there? Also, did you all get as strong as P-a-p? It’s so odd that those 2 places got it worse being so far away, is that the case or is there another town that got it as bad? But they are probably also the 2 major hotbeds of corruption. w/b soon please. It puts new meaning on the expression,”Head for the hills!” I have been to Grand Colline, Thomaseau, Fond Parisian, Bene’, Duvion, Croix de Bouquet, Petionville, and many other places that I just can’t remember the name.
    Becky DeFeo

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