Neither of my kids like water poured over their heads at the end of a bath when I’m trying to rinse everything off (Is there any kid out there that does?) They suffer through it – luckily neither are big screamers, but I definitely get yelled at more often than not.
So when we recently tested out a Lil’ Rinser hair/head product for the bath to help protect their eyes from the water, they were thrilled. Not only did it work to detour the water away from their eyes and down their backs, but they actually think it’s funny and fun to do. Yay.
It’s more or less a visor that you hold right at the hairline of your child’s forehead, and it deflects the water from the front to down their back. (You can watch a little educational video on the site to see how it works.) Cole (17 months) actually giggles every time I do it.
It’s $9.99 plus shipping to the US on the Lil’ Rinser site but go through the link provided to receive 10% off and get the rinser for $8.99.

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