As I type, I’m looking out the window at a blue sky and a light breeze on the trees.  My entire family is on vacation in Florida visiting my parents for one last hurrah of the summer.  Irene was far off to sea when we flew down here and we were more concerned about the storm messing up our trip in Florida than ever considering it would hit home.

Of course everyone knows what the end of that story was.  I’ve watched over the last 48 hours as it’s made it’s way towards where I live in Philadelphia and towards my friends, my house and my cats.

I feel badly even typing it because of course I’m happy we are safe and I am concerned about friends and family up north but Facebook, Twitter and cell phones help me keep in touch with the humans.   As I type this, I have no idea how my cats are.  There was no one to grab them and take them to the basement during the tornado warnings last night.

And I have no idea if a tree has smashed into one of my windows and they’ve gotten out into the storm.  Only pet lovers will probably commiserate and understand my anxiety but my cats are also my babies and the idea that they were alone and probably very scared is killing me.

Not to mention that I have no idea if there’s a foot of water in my basement, continuing to fill because there’s no one where to bail it out.

It’s horrible to feel so helpless.

As soon as it’s safe to drive, my pet sitter will be heading over to my house to check on everything.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to stare at the palm trees and worry.

For those of you who are north of Philly and still have the worst yet to come – please be safe.


  1. I hope everything goes well, Whitney. Please let us know how your babies made out!!!

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