Valentine’s Day stumps me. We JUST had Christmas and Chanukkah, and birthday season is long away, but I want to give something to the boys. Something cute, something that has to do with love. And something that won’t give them a sugar high upon opening.
This year they’ll each recieve their very own Sok-O, absolutely adorable hand-made sock stuffed animals. Each Sok-O is an original, created by hand using either a pair of socks or an individual sock. Creating their lovable faces and spots, the makers use stitching and buttons.
Possibly the Cabbage Patch Kids of the ’00s, the animals are adoptable at and they’re also available at specialty boutiques. They come inside their own home with a Birth Certificate as well as a personality description. (I have to add an edit here: It didn’t hit me until a discussion last night {February 13} how right-on the personalities are for our kids. In deciding which to give to which boy, it was such an obvious choice when I truly concentrated on the personalities. Naturally curious vs accident prone. The Sok-O’s meshed right with them… and are now being cuddled with at naptime.)
One hug, and the kids will be loving Sok-O beyond Valentine’s Day. Receive $5 off your purchase with code MWSTYLE.

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