I’ve been really sentimental recently. I keep looking at my boys, wondering if I’ll remember that cute look on his face, the adorable way he says “thank you” and how his tiny foot still fits in my hand. Its common for moms to get this way… part of our job.
Like most parents, I love capturing moments in photos. We try to take a picture of the kids next to the same object to track growth. This year, we even threw our one-year-old in a pumpkin a la Anne Geddes. But nothing was really helping me to remember those tiny feet. Until I found Pearhead.
Sure, I tried lots of imprint ideas before–they’re available at so many boutiques. But most proved really difficult to do with a baby or toddler who doesn’t understand not to press too hard, or “keep your foot still.” Pearhead Babyprints include a non-water based, non-toxic, air-drying impression material. So there’s no mixture that is too liquidy and ready to spill. After kneading, roll it out, press and release. That’s it! Just let it air-dry, and the impression is done. Didn’t love the first impression (prior to drying)? No problem, just knead and roll it out again.
Pearhead Babyprints kits include everything you’ll need to make a good impression–the impression material, wooden roller, ruler, even the double-sided tape for mounting. After allowing the impression to dry (no baking necessary, just let it sit out for a day), mount and frame it in the classy, elegant shadowbox. Ours is attached to a picture frame. So you can capture both the size and gorgeous look of your little one.
For gifting purposes, the kit is fantastic. Its an easy baby shower gift–even if the mom doesn’t know the gender–the kit comes with both a blue and a pink mat. It’ll also make an excellent idea to commemorate a first birthday. Save 5% and receive free shipping when you use code mommies.


  1. I've been informed by MWS reader, Em, that there is a difficulty using the Pearhead code. I am checking on it and should have an update by Monday.
    Thanks so much, Em!

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