Tis the season. Time to hang lights to remind Santa to stop at your home. Time to light the candles on the Menorah at every nightfall. Time to … well, that all depends. Lots of families have their own traditions. Some passed down for generations.
But as so many of us have new families, its nice to be able to create our own tradition. Something special to our generation of family. While we struggle to be creative and meaningful, sometimes the most simple traditions are the greatest. Something like a book to be read year after year.
Which is why reading Elf on the Shelf, a beautiful story of an Elf sent by Santa to your home to watch over the family, reporting the nice and naughty episodes of the day each evening when he returns to the North Pole, creates such a beautiful tradition. But reading the story is only the beginning of the new tradition. The book comes with an antique-style Elf, formed to sit on your shelf.
The authors, a mother and daughter team, created this tradition in their home years ago. Each morning, the Elf returns from Santa’s homestead and finds a new place to perch. The children search for the Elf. They’re allowed to talk to him, but he can’t talk back. They may not touch him, but they may watch him as he watches them. He’s a constant reminder of the spirit, of happiness, of good-ol’-fashioned Christmas.
Bring the Elf onto your shelf. Purchase the book and elf set at Laurie’s Lagniappe. When you purchase 2 or more, you’ll save an automatic 10%. Then, use code ELF for an additional 5% off.


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