Hey guys – thought you’d enjoy this, some great reading from other Mom Blogs on the web. We’ll be posting these weekly on Fridays so you can get a little fix from each site and click over to the ones that catch your eye.
Boston Mamas: Intimacy S.O.S.
Exhausted parents can’t help but be prone to losing their bedroom mojo; Esther Perel’s “Mating in Captivity” can help you right the intimacy ship.
Celebrity Moms: The Scoop on Tori Spelling’s Modern Nursery
Tori Spelling creates a nursery to fit her modern, funky style
Classy Mommy: Fairy Princess Designs Tooth Fairy Pillows
What a keepsake gift! Fabulous girl and boy patterns – think Princess or Pirate!
Clever Parents: Eating In Season
Eating With Emily guru guides you through the freshest, most in-season produce in your regular grocery store.
Coochicoos: Say I Love You with a Bumbi Doll
Remind your kids you’re never far away with a customized Bumbi Doll
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Splitting Up?
Is Marc Anthony “suffocating” J-Lo?
One Chic Mama: Fat Girl Slim
A great cream from Benefit that helps smooth skin as it firms, trims, tones, and energizes.
SheFindsMom: Baby Shoe Buying Guide
The most adorable, comfy shoes for newborns, crawlers, toddlers—and big kids, too.
Swanky Moms: Jayneoni Moore & Renae Plant’s fashion show at BCLA
2 Fashion Shows at BCLA
The Stylish Child: Containing Diaper Change Clutter
The stylish Sara Bear Baskets create changing basket envy

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