We’re only a couple of weeks in, so I haven’t had the need for a bib yet – but if this baby is anything like my first son, he’ll be a drooler.
My first son was pretty much in a bib from newborn age until 12 months old. Even his nice Christening pictures show him wearing his antique white gown with a big ugly blue bib over it. So given our history, I was excited to see this product from SkiBz.
SkiBz makes small and stylish bibs that add a little flavor to your baby’s outfit, as well as helping to catch the inevitable dribble and spit-up. They’re an untraditional shape – they almost remind me of a cowboy’s handkerchief the way they hang under the chin.
They come in a wide selection of patterns for both boys and girls. The bibs sell for $18.99, but use coupon code “Mommies” to receive 25% off your order, in addition to free shipping!

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