Ready to hit the road with your baby in tow? Maybe you are just looking for a safe place for your baby to nap while visiting friends or a Grandparent? Save you back and save some time – leave the portacrib at home. There is an easier and more stylish solution to the problem of finding a safe and clean place to lay your baby down.

I first saw Lulyboo at the ABCKids show last fall. I was there with my baby and I sure wished I had one! This clever soft bassinet folds and rolls into an easily carried backpack. There are even pockets on the side to store babies diapers, wipes and bottle. Pack it up with a few essentials and you are ready to roll. Lulyboo infant lounges are also great for cosleeping and creating a safe area for baby to play.

So few products offer a solution that is this simple, practical and fashionable too. Lulyboo Infant lounges are washable and made from a variety of  fun, funky fabrics.

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