We were up bright and early Sunday morning with a bouncing 6 year old waking up the family at 6:15 am.  After an Egg Hunt and a Scavenger Hunt to find their baskets, the kids were happy going through their Easter Bunny goods.

Favorites from the baskets included:
Zhu Zhu Pets – which were technically from my parents and not from the Easter Bunny.  I had been avoiding the Zhu Zhu Pet craze until my Mom sent two a few weeks before Easter.

I was worried they’d open them and start asking for the “extras” that the Zhu Zhu pets use but so far so good and they seem perfectly content to let their little pets roll around on the kitchen floor.  And the cats love ’em.

Club Penguin Puffles – Julie’s oldest got my kids into playing Club Penguin.  It’s a Disney-owned site and while it annoys me that you have to pay for membership (when there are so many great free sites out there), it’s well done and definitely enjoyable for the kids.

Mostly my 6 year old plays, but my 3 year old likes to jump on in with help once and awhile.  Each of my boys got a “Puffle Pet” in their basket, which was thrilling for both of them.

My oldest got the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS game, which comes with a card to unlock coins and other goodies on the computer version of the game as a bonus.

And of course there was the chocolate.  Which surprisingly wasn’t such a big deal for my oldest, but the 3 year old definitely had a breakfast of Hershey’s Miniatures & chocolate bunnies.


  1. Pretty cool site. I’ve been playing Club Penguin for a while now.

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