roadtripsmall.jpgIn a little under two weeks time, I will be leaving on a roadtrip with my husband, four children, and all of you! We’ll be blogging and vlogging from the road, reviewing travel gear and kids’ products, as well as ideas for family travel. I can’t wait to go, and hope we’ll all have a great time. As we prepare, I could a little help from you. We’d love to hear
1. What products/services you’d like to see road tested, or would like to recommend
2. Your best travel tips for travel with kids aged 5 months to 11 yrs
3. Must see attractions between Southern California and Pacific City, Oregon
Leave us a comment below. If we use your suggestions, we’ll be sure to credit you!


  1. Good luck on your trip! My daughter, 2.5, has flown across 58 time zones so far, so we’re pretty seasoned on airline travel. I imagine a lot of strategies are similar for car trips as well, except that at least I could take her out of the seat!!
    Here’s a chance for all the cheapo kids’ meal toys to shine. I keep a backpack with lots of little goofy things, favorites as well as a few new treats. When we moved from Germany to Hawaii (12 time zones) at 7 months, things like crinkly paper and toilet paper rolls were huge hits. As she’s gotten older, a new box of washable crayons, a travel Aquadoodle, travel MagnaDoodle, and a keychain flashlight are must-haves.
    I was very excited about the Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray on Amazon–corraling Cheerios and crayons while giving a space for the coloring books and whatnot, yay! But Emily freaked at having the strap fastened around the back of the car seat. I think she’s just nuts and the product itself is great. I’d love to hear what you think!!
    Depending on the ages, a small crystal was also fun. Somehow throwing rainbows around our little area was fascinating for quite a long time.
    And NAMiTS are something I’ll never travel without after Emily gets a little older. With Junior, Original, Travel, and Challenge sets, the whole family can be entertained with questions such as “Name Things That” … “grow/shake/follow/change”. It’s a great, interactive, cerebral break from electronic nonsense.
    Good luck and safe travel mercies. 🙂

  2. If you can, take a portable dvd player with you. Ours was a lifesaver for our oldest son during long airplane delays on our recent family trip.

  3. Our son is 22 months old, and he’s lived in two countries (Canada and Germany) and two Canadian provinces. He’s visited nine other countries. In the six months we lived in Germany, we drove over 20,000 km, and in the three months we’ve had our new car, we’ve driven another 6,500 km. He’s also been on 15 flights, the first 14 by the time he was 15 months old.
    Which is to say we’ve done a fair amount of travel with the little guy!
    The Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray that a previous commenter mentioned is great. I saved it up for our last flight (which I did alone with him) and so it was itself a novelty. It fit nicely on his Britax Marathon, and meant that he too had his own tray on the airplane. I considered getting a Go-Go Kidz, but since I also needed a wheelie carry-on (we were moving back home – we needed as much luggage as was allowed!), I opted instead for a Travelling Toddler. I didn’t use it to make a makeshift stroller, but it was a fairly convenient way to schlepp the Marathon through the airports.
    We usually have a selection of toys that stay in the car, as well as some favourite blankets to help with naptime. When my husband is driving, I make sure that I’ve got bag of toys and books within reach (either in the backseat, or by my legs in the front seat). Whenever he tires of a toy or book (or drops it out of reach), I can easily pass another.
    As he’s gotten older (and moved to a front-facing carseat), he doesn’t sleep as much in the car, so insofar as possible, we try to travel during naptime. It works *almost* all the time! If we’ve got a long drive, we’ll set out in time for naptime, and when he wakes up we’ll stop for lunch and give him some playtime, then head out again. (I have to say, the rest stops on the German Autobahn were the best for play areas! We’ve even stopped at Ikea so he could play.)
    I’ve lots more tips, but it has been a very long day so that’s all I can think of just now 🙂

  4. My OB here in Korea said to press the accupressure point between the thumb and pointer finger for children when they are experiencing carsickness. She said it is too powerful for pregnancy and that I should use the point three fingers above on the inside of my wrist for myself. It seems to be helping.

  5. Amanda Fischer says

    Best of luck on your road trip! We are getting ready to embark on one this fall with a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old and would love to find a good car adabt-able bottle warmer. We have tried several but are yet to find one that actually works to heat up a bottle for my adorable yet picky 5-month old who enjoys her breast milk very warm! Anything you can find, review, and also hopefully help you out with your little munchkin as well is greatly appreciated!

  6. Ugh, my previous comment was too long!
    And I forgot to mention one of my favourite travel items – the PeaPod Plus tent. We bought it after encountering a scary hotel crib when our son was 4 months, and have hauled it all over the place ever since. In fact, we left one behind with the ILs in Germany, and bought a second when we came back to Canada. It is lighter than a pack & play and folds small enough to fit into a suitcase, and our son just loves it. He’ll even go in just to play!

  7. Ciaran,
    Since you are on your way to Pacific City, Oregon you have to stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory where you can take a wonderful tour of the cheese factory and get a great Ice Cream treat that the kids will love. The little gift shop is a happy stop as well where you can load up on travel snacks and goodies. We went with the kids a year ago and they loved it!
    As for gear, we have 3 children and traveled from San Diego in our car. Our DVD player and a load of DVD’s really saved us.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip! Oh, and once you get close to Pacific City make sure you use caution when bringing down the windows…let’s just say there are a ton of cows in the area 🙂

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