Although I definitely have some fun memories of my Dad playing Pong and Frogger with us on our first game system, an Atari back in the ’80s, those memories and those games seem pretty lame compared to the kind of comphrehensive game play for everyone that the Wii can provide.  (Not to mention the upgraded technology in the last 20 years, of course!)

We’ve had our Wii just shy of two years now and we really do have a game for everyone in our house.  We even have games we play over the Internet with my parents from their Wii down in Florida, which provides endless entertainment.

I’m starting this review out this way because I know not everyone has a Wii yet and I definitely recommend it for all ages.  If you don’t have a Wii, don’t just skip over this review.  There are games for toddlers, games for kids of all ages.   There are games you can play and games your parents can play.  Really!   There is truly something for everyone. 

This year the price has come down for the first time since the system released – you can now get the entire system for $199.99.  Check your local stores – I do know they are limiting only one Wii per house at various stores.

Below is my list of Holiday Picks for the Wii this Holiday season:

Birthday Bash – Over 20 classic birthday party games including Pin the Tail, Hot Potato, Present Frenzy, Balloon Popper, Musical Chairs, Sack Race and many more.   It’s a lot like Carnival Games – mini games that are fun for the whole family.  $17.99 on Amazon.

Animal Crossing: City Folk – okay, okay you could call me a tad obsessed.  But read my review from earlier this year (“I think Mommy likes this game more than the kids“) to see why.  We adore this game.  Everyone in our house plays this from my 3-year-old on up through my 36-year-old husband; it’s definitely a family affair.  $39.77 on Amazon.

It’s also available for the Nintendo DS.  I bought it back in November for a road trip and it’s virtually the same game and same fun.  It’s called Animal Crossing: Wild World, and although it’s tough to find in-store (I tried 3 stores), I was able to order it off Amazon with no issue for $33.48 with free shipping.I would imagine this one’s adorable for a girl to play.  Pick a baby (boy/girl) and care for it by teaching it how to walk, talk and play.  Potty train them and grow them through the toddler years.  $29.99 on Amazon. 

My First Baby Steps – A great game for girls.  Select a baby (boy or girl) and feed them, teach them how to walk and much more.  It’s cute – hours of simulation fun at a basic level.

And if you like that, check out Imagine’s Party Babyz where you can dress your baby and play games with them.  This one’s $14.99 (currently 25% off) on Amazon.

Family Fun Football – this game is described as “catering to the casual gamer,” which is alright by me as we have young kids in the house.  I look at this one as a good intro to playing football games on the Wii.  “Family Fun Football offers a coaching playbook that makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand the game of football.”  It’s $29.99 on Amazon.

Currently the#1 selling video game on Amazon is Super Mario Bros.   Santa may have to bring this one to our house as I have fond memories of playing the original on our first Nintendo when I was in high school.  You can have up to four players on screen with this game which makes it a fun all-play game for the entire family.  $49.99 on Amazon.

Samples of some of the above games were provided for review purposes.


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