Like everyone else, I binged the the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix in just a few short days and absolutely loved it. I found myself thinking about the story for days after – I even tried to evoke a little Beth Harmon strategy in my tennis game for awhile after having watched.

I remember my Dad teaching me how to play chess as a kid and I was thinking that I need to teach both of my teen boys how to play!

If you’ve been thinking about a new Chess set or about getting one for under the tree this year, here are a few good options:

Affordable, starter set:
Pressman Chess w/Folding Board – $5.95, Amazon. You can’t beat this price!

Harry Potter fans:
Wow! This Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is gorgeous – $33.55, Amazon.

Old School:
This Wooden Chess Set reminds me of the sets everyone had when we were kids. Gorgeous wooden pieces that are magnetic on the bottom so they easily stay put on the board. $49.99, Amazon.

For beginners:
No Stress Chess is a great option for teaching chess newbies as the accompanying cards guide and teach you moves & strategy.

This Magnetic Travel Chess is good for on-the-go. It folds to allow storage right inside of the board and I like that it’s not so tiny that it’s hard to move the pieces around. Seems to still open up to a decent size. $11.50, Amazon.

The conversation piece:
I mean, this Handcarved Olive Wood Chess Set is gorgeous, am I right? I feel like this isn’t just a game but a piece of decor in your room. Works for a splurge game purchase and decor. $139.99, Easy.


  1. mom-mom pomeroy says

    after read your review, decided to watch Queen’s Gambit-you’re right- loved it, a great story. loved the ending.

  2. That was a great review, thank you for doing this one.

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