Give him (and you!) the gift of a clean & easy shave with the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Shaver.

The Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D is $149.99 on Amazon and it’s an awesome tool.  It has 3-dimensional contouring to get around every little groove and spot on the face that needs to be gotten to.  It has a chargeable battery for cordless shaving and it has a variety of channels on the shaving heads to catch a variety of hair length – from longer hair to the shortest of stubble!

The coolest feature, in my opinion, is that you can use this product without shaving cream.  It’s that sensitive.  Hubby’s loving this – it saves on mess and shaving time!

By the way, you can print out some great coupons for the Philips Norelco SensoTouch shavers on this coupon page if you want to try out getting it in person somewhere! ($20 off for the SensoTouch 3D! and lesser valued coupons for lesser value Philips products)

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