My kids got out of school for the summer on June 13th but I have a feeling that today is going to feel like the real first day of summer.  Why?  For third year in a row, we took off in the afternoon of the 13th for our annual road trip.  We got back yesterday afternoon.  12 days, 1,500 miles and 6 states.  Over the next couple of days I’ll be doing some reviews of the various spots we went on my family travel site, Family Travel Diary if you want to catch any of that out!  I’ve already posted about the first portion of our trip here in Charleston with Kids.

We went south with this summer’s road trip.  We left the house around dinnertime in Philly Friday and in order to break the trip up, we headed to Richmond, Virginia.  That piece of the trip was a big ol’ headache because we cruised down through DC easily enough but we hit mega traffic beyond DC in the last half hour of our trip.  We didn’t get into our hotel until close to 11 and both of the kids collapsed.

We woke up and went to Charleston and basically made the rest of the trip and very slow return up north.  We hit Charleston, SC, Southport, NC, Williamsburg, VA and then home.

Oh!  And I used the hashtag #familytraveldiary for the first time on this trip which was something I should have done years ago because it made tracking all of my pictures on Instagram and tweets on Twitter super easy. (If you want to check some of photos from the trip that I shared on Instagram, here you go!  Give me a follow while you’re over there, will ya?)

So yah.  Today will be our first day really HOME.  As fun as vacation can be, this one wasn’t the most relaxing one since we were on the move so much (days at the beach helped!) so I think everyone will be really chill & thrilled to be home at least this first week or so.  Time will tell how soon it is before I start hearing the “I’m bored!” and I start pulling hair out because I’m getting no work done.  I’m definitely a little nervous about that piece of it because I barely kept my head afloat working while we were away!  My boys do have a couple of camps coming up but not for a few weeks so if I get quiet, I have bored kids and we’re at the pool.

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