My family has been so sick this month. We had been doing really well this winter and then suddenly February hit – we’ve been through two bouts of the stomach bug already, and get this: my kids avoided it, but I got the flu.
It’s been hell. Thank God for my husband, mother-in-law and nanny who have all pulled through and helped out at various times in the past week because having the flu just cripples you and there were days I could not physically manage to take care of my children. (If you’ve noticed my lack of usual reviews, that’s why!)
Thankfully today’s day 6 and I’m starting to feel like I can at least semi-function again. (And it’s the first day I put on a pair of jeans and not a pair of sweat pants in over a week – go me! I showered today too!) Anyway, all that said, I’m in the process of climbing out of a mountain of emails. And I’m noticing that I’m starting to get a ton of Easter-related mailings which made me realize Easter’s just around the corner! Which means this Mommy Easter Bunny has about a month to get her butt in gear and put her kids baskets together. Plenty of time but I like to be prepared.
A couple of cute items I’ve noticed recently include –
My mailing from Pottery Barn Kids, which always offers the most adorable selection of Easter items – overpriced yes – but totally adorable and impossible to resist. Last year I got my kids wicker baskets with liners from Pottern Barn Kids so we’re good there. They don’t have the same ones for sale but they have these Sabrina Baskets with liners that are adorable and can be personalized. (Note – if you don’t mind not having them personalized and have a Michael’s near you, I saw very similar baskets and liners for 1/3 of the cost there recently.) I also love these Easter Canvas buckets.
Two Blue Peas sent me a link of all the Easter items they are offering – love the yellow duck or white lamb blankie for a baby’s basket. Use coupon code SPRING for free shipping.
My sister in law had these Hide N Squeak Eggs by International Playthings for my niece and Cole just loved them last summer – so Santa brought them at Christmas. But in hindsight, these would have been adorable for Easter! They’re currently $8.49 on Amazon- it’s a great toy, both Nate and Cole still play with them on a daily basis. Can’t go wrong for $8.49 and they’re just perfect for the Easter theme.
Mamas & Munchkins has an adorable Rabbit PlajaPets Plush Pet for sale – it has interchangeable heads and tails $14 – use coupon code MWS for 20% off.
I’ll throw more ideas out there as I come by them – feel free to come and share any basket goodies you’ve found on our message boards. I’m on a mission to fill my kid’s baskets with more unique items and less chocolate. (My Mom *still* tells the story of when I was little, opened up my basket, sat and ate all the chocolate that morning and then threw it up all afternoon. There will be a max of one item of chocolate each in my kids baskets!)

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