pacifiers.bmpAre you tired of hearing your baby cry every time his/her pacifier falls out? Wouldn’t it be nice if it would just stay in his/her mouth? Well here’s a great solution – a Purple Frog Plush Pacifier! This Plush Pacifier comes with a Soothie pacifier sewn into a stuffed animal body, making it easier for baby to hold and hug. There are all sorts of fun animals to choose from! The animal helps keep pacifiers off the ground and in babies’ mouth. The Plush Pacifiers come in multiple sets since you’ll want one for the car, stroller, diaper bag and crib. Best of all, they can be washed in the laundry so don’t worry if you happen to drop it in the mud or step on one by accident! Babies are able to recognize these furry friends so they can reach for them and place them right back in their mouths. They also make for a soothing comfort toy when your baby is upset. Featured in this year’s Academy Award Bags!
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