Here I sit, staring outside at the rain fall, enjoying the fact that the kids are at school, and dreading the afternoon. I certainly can’t send them out back to run around. And chalk drawing on the driveway won’t work. Will it be a movie day? An hour playing Elmo’s World on the computer? Or will we get caught up in a few hours of crafting, when I really have a mess of work pilling up in my office.
Actually, it won’t be any of the above, because today is the day I am taking out Rody the bouncing horse for horse races. That’s right, my kids will be hopping, gallopping and trotting from one end of the family room to the other. We’ll make obstacle courses around the furniture and carry buckets to collect items on a scavenger hunt. The basement will become a bouncing horse-track, we can even create tricks on Rody.
Rody, an indoor/outdoor bouncing horse is long-known for all of his adventures in toddler- and preschooler-hood. A popular item in physical therapy, Rody has become well loved in families of all children–because he allows for adventure, fun and exercise, in the safety and warmth of all seasons. Available in 13 colors, I’d blow up a Rody for each child, tie a bow around his neck and you’ll have a great holiday gift.
Rody’s faceless cousin, and a well-bounced toy in our home, are the Gymnic Hops. We blew ours up for the boys’ birthdays party and the kids were hopping all over the yard. Crafted of a sturdy vinyl, like Rody, the Hops take bounces in stride, and landing on a sharp rock (whoops!) won’t pop the ball. Available in 3 sizes, when I blew our’s up, I was worried it would be too small. But the 18″ was perfect for my 2 year old, and my 4 year old loves balancing and bouncing on it as well.
Sigh. I’ll make it through a few hours of rainfall. The kids will, undoubtedly, wear themselves out, and we’ll all have a quiet nap hour before dinner. Thank goodness.
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