You know how people love “theme” showers? Like, ooh! Its so fun to go through an entire day with gifts! Why not be sassy? Head on over to Wry Baby and put some humor in your gifts.
Wry Baby reaches in and pulls out the sense of humor in even the humorless and terrified parents-to-be. So, you were assigned 2 am? With gifts like the “Wheel of Responsibility” (which I totally wish I had at those awful 2 am diaper changes way-back-when) the giftee will giggle, and then her eyes will light up as she tries to figure out how to rig it to always land on the “Dad” spot. And I love the “nursing baby” onesie–would have been perfect for me when I was terrified of breast-feeding my first. (Not to mention a good reminder for those who often say “why can’t you just give her a bottle?”)
Maybe you have an undescribable time like 3 pm?
Grab a Mysterio Predicts T. It comes in a sealed grab-bag. Even the gift giver will be surprised when, at the shower, your giftee opens her bag and finds that Mysterio predicts sweet little baby will be a “Mafia Accountant” , a “Game Show Host”, or another of his 12 predictions.
So sprinkle a little fun and sass at your next shower. Use code stylinmoms to receive 10% off your purchase of $10 or more through November 15.


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